Region: Lazarus

Free Market Buisnesses wrote:It's a limited time prerelease. This way we can mark it up a bit, but more importantly make everyone who didn't get one jealous.

"The young king lifted the watch above his head, observing its details
-A fine piece it is! I'm truly marvelled with such gem of engineering.
-Your Majesty, we are happy to hear that. Following your desire, we ordered a thousand of those capitalistic watches - Responded Minister Wolfen - However, the newspapers revealed the ethics and practises of the Free Market Businesses, and there is a concern in the public opinion about whether we, as a nation, should buy these products, given the record of child labour, environmental disasters and questionable ethics of the FMB
-Nonsense! Boring propaganda from the boomers! Listen carefully, Minister. I want the thousand watches to be delivered among a selected group of friends, ambassadors and officials. Those who receive it can bear the name "Imperial Friend". And now you may leave, I have to prepare to drop my next mixtape.
-Of course, Your Majesty. Making trap songs is... erm... vital for the kingdom and its citizens.

As the minister left the royal appartments, his secretary couldn't resist to speak her mind
-This is madness! Does the king know we live in a constitutional monarchy and he has no powers! He's an idiot!
-I know, I know... But don't blame him, he's just 19. Plus, he's a Habsburg, his parents were cousins, Elsa.
Elsa regained her composure.
-I will send a gratitude letter to the Free Market Businesses ambassador, minister.

Note: it looks like the Habsburg continue their imbreeding in the multiverse