Region: Lazarus

Arclandia wrote:The Armed Forces of Cassidon has returned from the warzone region, and we are reclaiming our WA membership amid complaints that the raid leader was ignoring the participants. As we have no faith in light of this experience that the nation who recruited for that war effort is going to actually hold the promised endorsement drive, we're going to go ahead and get started on exchanging those endorsements just as soon as the WA re-accepts us.

Grand Marshall Bloodscale, her people, and all Arclandians are deeply offended by the fact that she lent her troops to this effort while we lent our endorsement to this effort only to get ignored and receive no communication. GM Bloodscale had to change core policies in her military just to be a WA member for that, and it's going to take a while to get her nation back to its previous sense of order. We will not be participating again, and any recruitment efforts over telegram will be met with abusive language.

This was not okay. We worked for months to get those 113 endorsements, and now we get to start over because a raid recruiter can't communicate or keep promises?

Awful. Unacceptable.