Region: Karma

Welcome to Karma, Searesions! Glad to have you here.
Here's our newbie guide if you need any help:

Karma's Newbie Guide

Answering Issues

Answering issues develops your nation into something unique!

Up to four new issues appear every day.

Don't be afraid to dismiss an issue you don't like.

► Be sure to check Require confirmation in Settings to prevent accidentally accepting the wrong issue answer!

Staying Alive & Growing

You must log in at least once every 28 days or your nation will Cease To Exist (CTE).

It takes 20 days for your population to reach 62 million, after which population increases by 5-7 million per day.



Time From Creation

250 million

An issue will allow you to name your capital.

90-100 days

500 million

Custom classification. For example: The "Something" of Bitty Kitty.

125-150 days

750 million

An issue will allow you to name your leader.

160-200 days

1 billion

An issue will allow you to name your religion.

196-250 days

Getting Involved: Regional Message Board

The easiest way to get involved in Karma is by getting active on our Regional Message Board (RMB).

Please come introduce yourself on the RMB!

Getting Involved: Discord

We're quite active on discord and it's the best way to get to know us and learn more about NationStates and Karma.

Discord is a free chat program for gamers. More information about Discord can be found at

And here's the link to Karma's discord: LinkKARMA'S DISCORD

Getting Involved: World Assembly

The World Assembly (WA) is the world's governing body, much like the UN in the real world.

Please show your support for Karma by joining the WA and Endorsing Our Delegate.

We like strong endorsement numbers, so endorse as many people as you can, and we'll be sure to endorse you back!

More information about the WA can be found here: LINK.

Blocking Recruitment Telegrams

When you're ready to silence the storm of recruitment telegrams, do the following:

Go to your Telegram Preferences.

Click the Block All button for Recruitment.

Click Update Filter.

Additional Guides & Info

More information about Karma can be found in The Karma Hub.

NationStates has it's own FAQ which can answer many basic questions.

Here's a Super Awesome Guide that goes much deeper into everything NationStates.

Final Thoughts

Don't be afraid to ask questions. We enjoy helping new players understand NationStates.

If you want to see who's who in Karma, check out my dispatch, Collective Karma: Notable Nations.


Read dispatch

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us here!