Region: Karma

The Litterbox wrote:Yes. Or the WA crushes my hopes and dreams by mandating worker rights and sending my wealth gaps from 100x to 3. *shakes fist*

Edit: Or you've got a slightly older nation that picks similar choices to you and always remains one step ahead... Dang you, Erroria, one day, I'll beat you in corruption.

I look forward to the day you do :D
Corruption was not one of the stats I meant to top in, it just happened along with the others. But as long as you're worthy, I'll allow anyone to overtake me in these stats. And you, The Litterbox, are definitely worthy.

The Litterbox wrote:Alright Karma, the Litterbox is still awake and ready to dump the Question of the Day on y'all.

What’s the nicest compliment you’ve ever received? Who was it from?

A friend of mine once complimented me saying, "You look good." Its a simple compliment, but at the time I was having some self-image issues, and that was the best thing I had heard ever.