Region: The Monarchy alliance

2060 RP
Today the day of the meeting, leaders from the french state, Waffle Empire (Belguim), Netherland, Polish Reich is here in Germania to discuss Alexander Hitler becoming leader of the Reich

Konnen Hitler was bearly able to come to the meeting as his illness get worse and worse, he is sitting in a wheel chair in front of all the leaders of the german states.

"Hello leaders of reichstates, you may havcoughs have hear that im am very sick, so my son alexander will soon be leading the great reich"

"My Fuhrer your son is ready to lead, us of the polish reich will not deal with a non prepared leader"

"Us of the Waffle Empire also agreed with this"

"I will teach my son how to lead if i dont die soon"

"Us of netherland and france dont care we just want a stable and peacefully reich"

To Progess