Region: The Monarchy alliance

2060 RP

Upon being bedridden, His Imperial Majesty had recalled his sons from their daily lives so that he could discuss his wishes to them; the first of his five sons to arrive was His Royal Highness, the Duke of Volkstalle and the Crown Prince, Friedrich V. The Kaiser had declared him to be the sole successor of the Kaiserreich once he dies, His Royal Highness had been determined since he was appointed as the Reichsfuhrer of the Commonwealth, where he had made significant changes and legislation and was known locally as "The Eagle" for his heroic military actions as a Commander in the Quezon Revolt of 2056. Following the Crown Prince is His Royal Highness, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, who had been married to Queen Mary III of the United Kingdom, followed by His Majesty, Peter V, King of Greece, known for his "Liberalization Acts" in Greece. They had assembled in the Royal Apartments and discussed with the Kaiser what would happen after His death. They had decided to just follow the tradition of the last Kaisers of Tuirsland, and do not divide the nations between them, as to what happened in Austria after Franz Ferdinand's Death in 2031 that caused chaos.

Hours after the initial discussions, His Royal Highness, Otto I and X, Duke of Bavaria and Victoria arrived late at night, where he had only met the Crown Prince, who had just awoken from his sleep, followed shortly by the His Grace, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Frederick von Volkstalle.