Region: OmniOne

Dominant Oppressors wrote:Hello,
Might I ask why embassies are closing down? If there is some spies sue we would be more than happy to try to resolve it,
Thanks and God bless,
Dominant Oppressors,
Founder and Imperator of the United Christian Empires of the West

Hi there. We apologise for the sudden closure of embassies, but we have a reason:

Pursuant to section 24(g) of the newly-adopted Constitution of the Fellowship of OmniOne (visible on our regional message board) regarding our newly refined requirements for embassies with our region: The region in question must have fifteen or more nations.

Unfortunately, your region has fallen below the threshold of fifteen nations to establish an embassy with us. However, we hope there’s no hard feelings. We also would like to emphasise that embassies can be rebuilt if your region meets the requirements once again.

Yours Faithfully,
Founder of OmniOne

Gh0sty, Dominant Oppressors, and Npc liechtenstein