Region: The Grand Imperial Alliance


Update from Swaneburgh’s Government

In cooperation and consultation with the various bodies of government and the Head of State, HRM Emperor Charles VI, we’ve taken the decision to implement the following with immediate effect:

The nation is currently in a state of emergency, hereby enacting the emergency powers act which will entail;
Parliament to be suspended
Granting the police broad sweeping powers to enforce mandatory testing, treatment and arrest without a warrant or trial
The Emperor may rule by decree without consultation
The Military and security services will be responsible for ensuring peace, order and public safety
All international flights and travel is suspended until 30 April 2020
Domestic Travel will only be permitted under special conditions and with written consent from a law enforcement or government official.
All non-essential government services will be suspended
All public gathering of more than 50 people is illegal
Right to habeas Corpus is revoked
The stock market will be closed
An economic stimulus package of $850 Billion will be made available
Non-essential work is prohibited
All citizens currently employed will receive their paycheques through the government. Employees and employees must submit payslips to claim this benefit
Loan repayments are suspended until 1 May 2020
People may not leave their homes until 30 April, except for grocery store visits and pharmacy visits
Failure to adhere will result in arrest for a period of 6 months
In order to combat the spread of misinformation and subdue panic, Free Press & Free Speech will be temporarily suspended until 1 June 2020. Information regarding the outbreak will be published by the Ministry of Information in the Government Gazette. Publications may still publish news and articles as long as it doesn’t relate to the outbreak unless the ministry of information passed on the information to be published.

This Decree was approved by or on behalf of:
HRM Emperor Charles VI
Ministry of;