Region: Western Atlantic

The Holy Empire of Excalbia is party to the following bilateral and multilateral agreements:

The Treaty of Courtland: page=dispatch/id=1043794

Treaty of Amity with the States-Federation of Snefaldia: page=dispatch/id=1039102

Treaty of Amity with Socialist Peoples' Fiefdom of Anahuac: page=dispatch/id=1037859

Treaty of Amity with the Kingdom of Brasland: page=dispatch/id=1037860

Treaty of Amity with the Dominion of Upper Virginia

Free Trade Agreement with the Aestorian Commonwealth

The Reichsburg Free Trade Agreement

Compact of Alliance with the the Caldan Union

Compact of Alliance with the Holy and Most August Empire of Pantocratoria

The Treaty of Jefferson (with the Confederation of Sovereign States)

The Treaty of Citadel Excalbia (with the Union of Ajuba): nation=ajuba/detail=factbook/id=991271

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