Region: the South Pacific

Just because there will be no changes to the content of the RMB doesn't mean this is a free-for-all. Au contraire (that's French ya know). Time to dust off an old reminder od SPAMMER responsibilities:

Spammerís Dicta

1. Make it short and to the point. People don't want to wade through a doctoral dissertation.

2. Proofread your copy. Typographical and grammatical errors show that you really donít care about your message, and therefore your region.

3. Don't insult your target audience. Do you really expect people to join you after you called them stupid?

4. As a recruiter you are a guest on this RMB. Conduct yourself with decorum and manners.

5. And as an uninvited solicitor expect to have some playful jabs thrown at you and your message. Keep in mind that there is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE between you and that salesperson who calls your home phone during dinner.

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