The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Wysteria

World Census experts tracked millions of international tourists in order to determine the world's favourite nations to sight-see.

As a region, Wysteria is ranked 5,536th in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

NationWorldtourists per hour
31.The Republic of Oqmet32,658th1,102.69
32.The Corporate Republic of Augustalia36,360th1,084.17
33.The Nomadic Peoples of Asharian Tribes44,360th1,052.24
34.The Republic of A chip and Fish Shop47,487th1,042.02
35.The Sultanate of Veus47,953rd1,040.5
36.The Republic of The Sarmenian Union48,799th1,038.04
37.The Republic of Elavymyt51,648th1,029.39
38.The Kingdom of Daxagon62,268th967.04
39.The Republic of Dacharia65,737th926.19
40.The Council of FJK Rants73,530th851.59