The Highest Food Quality in The North Pacific

Professional food critics dined out at restaurants and popped into home kitchens to judge ingredient quality, creativity, and diversity of food.

As a region, The North Pacific is ranked 4,753rd in the world for Highest Food Quality.

NationWA CategoryMotto
31.The Collectivist Empire of United TechnocratiaDemocratic Socialists“Equality at all Costs”
32.The Experimental Technocracy of The University ProjectFather Knows Best State“Mottos are bad for you”
33.The Protectorate of Tennis BothaLeft-wing Utopia“Alla vägar leder till morgondagen!”
34.The Flock of Neo KittiousDemocratic Socialists“Baa..!”
35.The White Dragon Republic of BrunssumCivil Rights Lovefest“Non Dii, Non Reges, Non Dominum!”
36.The Commonwealth of United TatankaCivil Rights Lovefest“May light shine upon the fields”
37.The Queendom of Future Back ProblemsDemocratic Socialists“know joke”
38.The Democratic Republic of TolerativDemocratic Socialists“Peace, Love, Tolerance”
39.The Illusory Spectre of ArrivederciCivil Rights Lovefest“We Protect Our Own!”
40.The Queendom of Ellabur3Democratic Socialists“Circle of life”
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