The Largest Populations in European Union

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, European Union is ranked 10,599th in the world for Largest Populations.

31.The Protectorate of The Sahrawi Union43,396th7,772,000,000
32.The Republic of Kiaora44,648th7,584,000,000
33.The Televisual Magnificence of Mount Wonnacott46,014th7,372,000,000
34.The Adriatic Princedom of Pontuchel48,347th6,993,000,000
35.The Empire of Auttrichien Empire51,535th6,662,000,000
36.The Federal Republic of Mercannia51,561st6,658,000,000
37.The Constitutional Monarchy of United Reichs of Reitzmag53,669th6,374,000,000
38.The Serene Republic of Viljandi54,638th6,238,000,000
39.The Federal Republic of Gania58,858th5,681,000,000
40.The Republic of Amexipania62,741st5,304,000,000
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