The Most Armed in Antarctic Oasis

World Census experts took their lives into their hands in order to ascertain the average number of deadly weapons per citizen.

As a region, Antarctic Oasis is ranked 141st in the world for Most Armed.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Imperial Provinces of ExxosiaAnarchy“We have reached rock bottom and have started to dig.”
2.The Mysterion Rising of OmigodtheykilledkennyLeft-Leaning College State“You bastards!”
3.The Goat-Enabled Plutocracy of GruenbergCompulsory Consumerist State“The world's favourite goat-enabled theocracy”
4.The Life of WaterAnarchy“wwwwwwww”
5.The Veeblefetzer of DumoflageAnarchy“It's ol Whatchamacallit”
6.The Clueless Penguin Republic of South JenstownLeft-wing Utopia“A journey of a thousand miles sometimes ends very badly”
7.The Star Empire of AinocraLeft-Leaning College State“Through victory, my chains are broken.”
8.The Weapons Research Facility of Yeldan AntarcticaCompulsory Consumerist State“Letting A Hundred Icicles Form”
9.The Player Behind The Nation of Mad Sheep RailgunBenevolent Dictatorship“Hurrah!”
10.The Evil Conservative Empire of The PalentineLeft-Leaning College State“WWHDD...What Would His Dooziness Do?”