The Most Stationary in the West Pacific

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, the West Pacific is ranked 19,100th in the world for Most Stationary.

1.The United States of Colider372nd4,879.66354368
2.The Police State of Steveoville439th4,879.66354368
3.The Kingdom of Lil Bern449th4,879.66354368
4.The Democratic States of Corsetopia453rd4,879.66354368
5.The Nihilist Oligarchy of Corporatist Trusts Inc580th4,879.66354368
6.The Fabulously Modest Kingdom of Wackiest667th4,759.70528712
7.The Federation of Acropylae1,103rd4,123.70569416
8.The Federal Republic of Laura Bishop1,172nd4,059.70573512
9.The Off-World Colony of Union Aerospace Corporation1,213th4,007.7057684
10.The People's Republic of Stithenaece1,229th3,977.7057876
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