The Most Stationary in The Bar on the corner of every region

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, The Bar on the corner of every region is ranked 12,611th in the world for Most Stationary.

31.The Forested Area of The Last Abode of Pando57,803rd530.22710509888
32.The Republic of Coatrack of Fur59,248th514.0700182172
33.The 𝓒𝓛𝓘𝓒𝓚 𝓜𝓔 𝓟𝓛𝓔𝓐𝓢𝓔 of Intoxicated60,905th497.64859122692
34.The T-Virus infection of Zombie Dog66,663rd430.8491339786
35.The Shadowy Backstage Presence of The Road Crew67,889th416.2420252716
36.The Free Land of The Peanut Feast72,956th366.12227957048
37.The Democratic States of Aquanell74,613th347.46896511972
38.The SociallyAwkward Bar Waitress of Arcticfoxxo76,975th318.41227538268
39.The Family of Mother Future91,858th240.9568596764
40.The Fabulous Faeries of Sunny Milk92,494th234.920856595