The Most Stationary in Lands End

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, Lands End is ranked 15,333rd in the world for Most Stationary.

1.The Invisible Hand of Mercantana8,608th2,126.24772253392
2.The Rogue State of Bonnie Blue Republic10,318th1,973.29840375488
3.The Holy Yellow Veins of Grennick Gold10,614th1,945.92876849368
4.The Free Federal Republic of Nordhpadhan11,534th1,831.42193900032
5.The Peafowl Conglomerate of Peacockastan16,050th1,397.86925814088
6.The Sassy State of The Federation of Spokane16,436th1,372.26146202988
7.The Colony of South-Central Rhodesia16,448th1,371.79254566332
8.The Եադյրա՟դյշի Պևօդշօդեվա՟դա of Deims Kir16,603rd1,356.23029867872
9.The Free Land of Kekktopia18,415th1,249.062742266
10.The Consortium of Scalpulavakiia19,407th1,195.23442254948
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