The Largest Manufacturing Sector in Lands End

World Census bean-counters tabulated data from across several industries in order to determine which nations have the largest Manufacturing sectors.

As a region, Lands End is ranked 2,603rd in the world for Largest Manufacturing Sector.

NationWorldGooback-Jerbs Productivity Index
171.The Federation of Ruwan Islands205,969th4,095.18
172.The Kingdom of Nuva Jerseya208,107th3,995.46
173.The Kingdom of KULI209,981st3,903.41
174.The Socialist Federation of Schabinur210,491st3,879.26
175.The Republic of Serperia211,541st3,827.57
176.The Federal Republic of Stutzist212,842nd3,768.04
177.The Democratic States of Vasileias213,927th3,717.5
178.The Empire of Qwest Empire A214,409th3,693.7
179.The Empire of Rewxt215,204th3,659.08
180.The Commonwealth of Ashiamul215,527th3,643.69
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