The Nicest Citizens in Albion

World Census sociology experts studied citizens from various nations to determine which seemed most friendly and concerned for others.

As a region, Albion is ranked 2,488th in the world for Nicest Citizens.

NationWorldaverage smiles per day
1.The Sultanate of Khasab1,067th87.75
2.The Free Land of Coxia1,830th69.45
3.The Confederacy of Hideaway3,478th52.52
4.The Old Crotchty Guy of Olde Delaware6,607th39.36
5.The Eternal Vigil of Moly13,808th26.59
6.The Federation of Prince Dodongo27,240th19.27
7.The Arling of Calabek36,797th17.69
8.The Shangri-la of Alabaster Isles42,779th17.01
9.The Queendom of Rinne65,448th15.51
10.The Borough of Battersea89,065th14.16