The World World Census

The Largest Black Market in the World

World Census agents tracked "off the books" deals and handshake agreements in order to study the size of nations' informal economies.

NationStandard Monetary Units
11.The Military Dictatorship of Tzuland38,707,753,100,000,000
12.The Hell Hole of Terrians37,201,362,900,000,000
13.The CUP Imperial Province of The CUD36,184,525,700,000,000
14.The Territory of Deamonopolis35,635,659,100,000,000
15.The Architeuthis Dux of Cthonian Wasteland35,382,876,900,000,000
16.The Very Large Safari Park of Los Santos33,024,287,500,000,000
17.The Archbishopric of Twente32,256,631,100,000,000
18.The Letterman Commie Paradise of Menta Lee-IL32,031,717,100,000,000
19.The People's Republic of Varayusha31,778,543,700,000,000
20.The Armed Republic of Celtician31,242,095,100,000,000
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