The World World Census

The Largest Pizza Delivery Sector in the World

World Census staff spent many nights answering the front door in order to measure which nations have the biggest Pizza Delivery industries.

NationPepperoni Propulsion Productivity Index
168,191.The Kingdom of Womble 1945-6.32
168,192.The Kingdom of Womble 1952-6.32
168,193.The Kingdom of Womble 1953-6.32
168,194.The Kingdom of Womble 1962-6.32
168,195.The Principality of GAV 88-6.32
168,196.The United Socialist States of FUMI 17-6.32
168,197.The Kingdom of Womble 1978-6.32
168,198.The Kingdom of Womble 1979-6.32
168,199.The Colony of Koale-6.32
168,200.The Federation of Democratic Fortitude-6.32
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