The World World Census

The Highest Food Quality in the World

Professional food critics dined out at restaurants and popped into home kitchens to judge ingredient quality, creativity, and diversity of food.

NationWA CategoryMotto
242,221.The Holy Empire of A GodPsychotic Dictatorship“WORSHIP OR BURN”
242,222.The Free Land of Gan HolfAnarchy“No step on snek”
242,223.The The Grand Duchy of MatsrakiaMoralistic Democracy“God Save our Gracious Grand-Duke!”
242,224.The Free Land of TliehnonoriiwAuthoritarian Democracy“Surely some revelation is at hand”
242,225.The Colony of Yuyu Puppet 87Iron Fist Consumerists“Yuyushiki”
242,226.The Republic of Snow 135Moralistic Democracy“This time, we will succeed.”
242,227.The Republic of Snow 200Father Knows Best State“This time, we will succeed.”
242,228.The Republic of Snow 287Psychotic Dictatorship“This time, we will succeed.”
242,229.The Imperial States of BraviilIron Fist Consumerists“Ambitious Men Build Successful Empires”
242,230.The Midnight Paradise of The Neon IslandsMoralistic Democracy“Living Free 24/7”
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