The World World Census

The Highest Disposable Incomes in the World

The World Census calculated the average incomes of citizens after paying tax.

NationWA CategoryMotto
254,081.The Imperium of HogsmbergFather Knows Best State“A man for all Seasons!”
254,082.The Republic of CalumniussTyranny by Majority“Things explode”
254,083.The Marxist-Leninist Federation of International Union of Soviet RepublicsLiberal Democratic Socialists“The Union and it's cause shall remain strong”
254,084.The Dictatorship of TessauPsychotic Dictatorship“Government Knows Best!”
254,085.The Republic of SansuiMoralistic Democracy“Motto”
254,086.The Republic of GyliasLeft-wing Utopia“The People's Will Shall Be Sovereign”
254,087.The People's Republic of Space SquidsPsychotic Dictatorship“The Tentacles of Space.”
254,088.The Kingdom of PorfloxianPsychotic Dictatorship“The most Porfloxian nation that's not Porflox”
254,089.The Empire of GottesKrieger UlusPsychotic Dictatorship“In rectitude lies salvation”
254,090.The People's Republic of GrestinaCorrupt Dictatorship“Glory To Grestina”
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