The World World Census

The Highest Crime Rates in the World

World Census interns were dispatched to seedy back alleys in order to determine which nations have the highest crime rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
71.The Free Land of Freedonia IncCapitalist Paradise“Freedom Or Death”
72.The Constitutional Empire of ZurkerxAnarchy“The Empire Shall Grow”
73.The Corporate Imperium of DyzistroluxCapitalizt“Inefficiency is evil.”
74.The Rising Sun of The Fyre PhoenixCapitalist Paradise“Behold!”
75.The Rogue Nation of The Commonwealth of AusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Australians all let us rejoice”
76.The Anarcho-Capitalist Ogre Fans of WhereisthatistanLeft-Leaning College State“Terra Incognita”
77.The Confederated Districts of TreirLeft-Leaning College State“Take the Path of Least Resistance”
78.The GangLand of 7-5Anarchy“This is business. And I want all of yours!”
79.The Unincorporated Community of West MattasiaAnarchy“Certus, praecedere.”
80.The ❄️🌪️⚡ Bad Weather⚡🌪️❄️ of Vando0saFather Knows Best State“☆ M O O N that spells Gub'ment! ☆”
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