The World World Census

The Highest Crime Rates in the World

World Census interns were dispatched to seedy back alleys in order to determine which nations have the highest crime rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
247,281.The Elite Land of ArkanikLeft-Leaning College State“corvus oculum corvi non eruit”
247,282.The Junglist Robot Republic of PotatodomLeft-wing Utopia“Kung Fu. Potatos. Bladders. All are free in Potatodom.”
247,283.The Empire of Socialist Republic of AndrewInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Per fortitudinem ferro, victoriam propter fratrum”
247,284.The Greater Sultanate of Al-HarbiyyahPsychotic Dictatorship“For the Glory of Allah, His Prophet and The Sultanate!”
247,285.The Islamic Republic of Al AmarjaDemocratic Socialists“Purveyors of Discount Barbarism Since 2002”
247,286.The Ancient Empire of OceanusNew York Times Democracy“Vitam manus Oceanus astris scientia”
247,287.The Green Communes of LaevendellLeft-wing Utopia“What's mine is yours as well.”
247,288.The Imperial Republic of Zyrcrestia IIIInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Wow! It's serious stuff.”
247,289.The Kingdom of BariPsychotic Dictatorship“Ad maiorem Dei gloriam”
247,290.The Drunken Goodness of Beer_MeistersInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I drink therefore I am.”
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