The World World Census

The Highest Crime Rates in the World

World Census interns were dispatched to seedy back alleys in order to determine which nations have the highest crime rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
247,251.The Empire of MidshireLeft-Leaning College State“Death to Seagulls!”
247,252.The Common Sense Republic of SharpanistanCivil Rights Lovefest“Live Long & Prosper”
247,253.The Arachnate of Forniphiliac Limbo of InabilisPsychotic Dictatorship“*guttural screeches*”
247,254.The Utopia of IllfatedLeft-Leaning College State“We Are One With The Earth.”
247,255.The Red Republic of MazdakistanLeft-wing Utopia“Az Inja, Beh Endit!”
247,256.The Classless Free Land of Equa LibCivil Rights Lovefest“Rule no one. Obey no one. Harm no one. Love everyone.”
247,257.The Dominion of Crud GriumCorrupt Dictatorship“Without Me, where would you be?”
247,258.The Holy State of New Narag EmpireIron Fist Consumerists“To Rule as a Dictator is to Rule Nothing.”
247,259.The Vespid State of BlackLight CovenantInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Vespid and Ant, forward for the Queen.”
247,260.The Most Serene Republic of Holy Meguca Meduka EmpireDemocratic Socialists“Praise the Goddess Madoka, for she died for our sins”
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