The World World Census

The Highest Crime Rates in the World

World Census interns were dispatched to seedy back alleys in order to determine which nations have the highest crime rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
240,571.The Allied States of Zambet FataLeft-Leaning College State“The Union of The Free”
240,572.The Empire of BardarusDemocratic Socialists“Fidelity, Valor, Perseverance”
240,573.The Poetry of Pablo NerudaLiberal Democratic Socialists“In the Eyes of Mourning, the Land of Dreams Begin”
240,574.The Empire of IndiyeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Satyameva Jayate”
240,575.The Magnificent People's State of 001AmEricA100Scandinavian Liberal Paradise“Communism is more than a graph, it's a free market.”
240,576.The Russian Empire of XotrayjanFather Knows Best State“Съ нами Богъ!”
240,577.The Infinitely Stacked Turtles of Terra FreedomlandiaLeft-wing Utopia“It's not my fault this time!”
240,578.The Jolly Smurftastic Community of Papa SchlumpfDemocratic Socialists“A smurf is a smurf!”
240,579.The United Democratic Colonies of The Lusitanian FederationLeft-wing Utopia“Viribus, Amor, Libertas et Responsabilitas.”
240,580.The Asparagus And Beef Broccoli of FiTzGEraLdLAnDCorporate Police State“Kitten Mittens :3”
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