The World World Census

The Most Advanced Public Transport in the World

World Census experts captured, tagged, and released trains in order to identify which nations have the most extensive, well-funded public transportation systems.

NationWA CategoryMotto
313,811.The Tribal Village of Thaba-TsekaCapitalizt“Freedom is Prosperity”
313,812.The Hostile Corporate Takeover of SchlemeilsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“404: Motto not found.”
313,813.The Nationstates Nation State of Nationstates Nation StatePsychotic Dictatorship“”
313,814.The Autonomous Zones of EscapaniaCapitalizt“Let a thousand nations bloom!”
313,815.The Capitalist Alliance of The-CIDCapitalist Paradise“Justice Above All”
313,816.The Constitutional Monarchy of ZeekeloniaConservative Democracy“We apologize for the inconvenience.”
313,817.The United Star Empire of ValinonLeft-Leaning College State“Mit Mut zu schützen”
313,818.The Dainheim of CandainCapitalist Paradise“Scientific perfection”
313,819.The Grand Tavernate of FreebeerinakegAnarchy“Beer. It has Beer in it.”
313,820.The Frybarec of LacmhacarhDemocratic Socialists“Carsarh gereulacr”
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