The World World Census

The Lowest Overall Tax Burden in the World

World Census financial experts assessed nations across a range of direct and indirect measures in order to determine which placed the lowest tax burden on their citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
161,461.The Federal Council Republics of DausessLeft-wing Utopia“We are the State.”
161,462.The Peoples Federation of The Campbell NationIron Fist Socialists“Christmas is a socialist holiday”
161,463.The Centro Defense States of CyclodeomLiberal Democratic Socialists“Power is freedom”
161,464.The Centro Social Alliance of Kyldellian JulbelfNew York Times Democracy“The world would be better if it's united and open”
161,465.The Haderanian Polity of Star CityDemocratic Socialists“Founded 3rd January 2003”
161,466.The Bailiwick of RenesslaerDemocratic Socialists“Hear Me Roar”
161,467.The Glorious People's Republic of AggroPsychotic Dictatorship“The beatings will continue until morale improves.”
161,468.The Republic of VenetolandLiberal Democratic Socialists“From each per his ability, to each per his needs”
161,469.The Dominion of BlancoviaIron Fist Consumerists“Katzen sind fantastisch”
161,470.The Federation of Earth 1Democratic Socialists“The only soverign we can allow to rule us is reason”
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