The World World Census

The Most Pacifist in the World

Nations ranked highly pursue diplomatic solutions rather than military ones in the international arena, have small or nonexistent militaries, and peace-loving citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
232,481.The Souffle Girl of Clara OswaldFather Knows Best State“Seriously?”
232,482.The Republic of SmitopBot16Iron Fist Consumerists“Strength Through Freedom”
232,483.The Republic of Card Farmer 1097Moralistic Democracy“Card Farming”
232,484.The United Federation of BicenriiaFather Knows Best State“simul operantes ad consequi”
232,485.The Republic of AlsatianPsychotic Dictatorship“Inb4 9003 drops to rare”
232,486.The Commonwealth of TroslandFather Knows Best State“Our People - Our Spirit - Our Strength”
232,487.The Refugi Spirit of Oaks 218Psychotic Dictatorship“Lucabaduka”
232,488.The United Tsardom of A MemerDemocratic Socialists“Malaysia isnt real”
232,489.The Stratocracy of Greater CajunInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity through Stability and Order!”
232,490.The Empire of GregoruttiPsychotic Dictatorship“Death or Dishonor”
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