The World World Census

The Most Cheerful Citizens in the World

The World Census shared cheeky grins with citizens around the world in order to determine which were the most relentlessly cheerful.

NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The Democratic Republic of ChedoniaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Enjoy The Beauty Of Yourself”
22.The Culture of Free SocialismLeft-wing Utopia“Of each according to ability to each according to need.”
23.The Heavily-Legged Strongmen of ElJefeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace Through Superior Firepower!”
24.The Community of St Stephen n CrittersLeft-wing Utopia“Gramen artificiosum ne fumisses”
25.The Republic of DiallandDemocratic Socialists“Freedom, Liberty, Human Rights”
26.The Shining Islands of G C BakuraLeft-wing Utopia“It's Time to Draw!”
27.The Republic of WilkshireDemocratic Socialists“Everyone for everyone else”
28.The Serene Compassionate Utopia of SafjLeft-wing Utopia“Live Life How You Choose; Live It Well.”
29.The Hippy State of ZerophixScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Stick It To The Man, Maaan!”
30.The Concordium of Independent PlanetsLiberal Democratic Socialists“Freedom above all”
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