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Don't forget to frequently check the regional forums guys.

Updated our website, check it out lads.

Post by Jekaria suppressed by Krukan.

I'm a communist Dicatator?
Like I said, Before That's Vincra -_-
You're all HIS puppets now, the only one with a mind of his own is Quinn

Post self-deleted by Mike hocksbig.

Cool, I am a freethinker. :)

Post by Omericoa suppressed by Krukan.

You will always be one Jekaria, a communist dicatator. besides i have a mind of my own. likely you dont think for yourself, you relie on other nations out of this region.

Have you given up your lands, Jekaria?

Post by Jekaria suppressed by Krukan.

*facepalm* A Mind of your own? Oh, and I didn't rely on anyone else Jekaria is perfectly capable of being overrun by nations here it seems.

Enough arguing, more feedback on website, thanks.

alright we will stop and it looks good

Thanks, any suggestions? As for what I should add to it of course.

Pretty Pretty Nice :O
The Flag and the site
Do you know if it's accessible from school?:)

I don't believe so, I think it is categorized as a security issue, or something of that nature.

The supreme truth

The Military of Tur galnos has become the official trainer of the Divine Armed Forces of the The supreme truth.

You guys should go chill on the IRC when your online, even if you aren't planning on sitting on NS. I could use some company.

Hello everyone, please endorse me to become regional delegate.

You guys should endorse him, I think he would do a good job.

Indeed, do endorse Thyrisk.

Post by Mike hocksbig suppressed by Krukan.

Vincra is soo More Socialist than Jekaria
Omerocioa you big socialist dummy =/

Hello Guys It's Nick

Nick+United Socialist States=Ricardo...

Post self-deleted by Omericoa.

so true, ricardo you should quit while ahead

The supreme truth

BREAKING NEWS: The Human Embodiment of Wisdom has named his heir, his oldest, and some say favorite, son.

Hmm.. =/
Eric Maybe You Should Quit before I Declare war on you.


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