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I win. The end. ;-)

Okay, I'm a little slow. I just noticed the graphs. Very cool, NS. Well done.

Gah, only 51 points, to Nak Nak's 52. I'll get you my pretty, and your little Castro too!

Queen Gruntilda Winkybunion
Beloved Leader, Enlightened Despot, and Dictator-for-Life of the Isle of Hags

Deep south borland

^Game play and comradely aside,

This is why I came here to Wysteria,…to be among the Titans.

Culture is just a secular humanist word for immorality


We wish to announce our wholehearted agreement with Melcelene on their recent proclamation.

To further educate our neighbours, we would like to point out that "culture" is also a secular shoggothist word for "breeding" and/or "biodiversity".

Shebr Shebr!

Beit Beit!

Dar Dar!


Ila al-Amam! Thawra! Maee el-Malayeen!

Dakkat saat al amal!

Dakkat saat al zaha!


I should have wagered money about how long it would take for someone to set up an NS country called 'Zenga Zenga' and show up. Of all the gin joints in all the world, Muammar had to show up in ours. Inch by inch. Alley by alley.

Gaddafi does sound more reasonable with a techno beat, dancing girls, and autotuning his voice. Let's just hope more insane dictators don't figure out how to reach out to their nation's youth like this... :-)


Long Live the Global Revolution 2010-2011!

Damn it! All this time I thought most cultured was a market report about yogurt! All this time and effort into answering dairy related issues for nothing! ;>)

"Most Cultured" refers to athletes foot, jock itch, oral thrush and chlamydia. And the penetration of western imperialism.


Hello i just wanted to say, Welcome to my nation. Yes the rumor's are correct. The green and pleasant Dominion of Bruce is not the founder of Westeria. I am. He hacked my account in my Early stages of play. I created Westeria and I shall rule again!!!

Yeah, not likely, Wanaban...

It's true about me not founding Westeria. Wysteria on the other hand...

I lol'd.

Wysterian Mall Rats

It’s a long-term market report today, with retail hell last shown November 8th, four months ago. The “+” indicates moving up the ranks from the last time this category was featured; “-“ indicates losing ranks; and nothing means that your ranking was unchanged. That or you weren’t in the region last time this category was shown (Kwangistar and Medved). Only when short-term variations, up or down, are part of an overall trend should they be considered a diagnosis of your movement in the overall standings. Just another day in Wysteria, with six nations on page one of the NS World! Welcome back to the market report, Kuat.

The Largest Retail Sector in the World: March 5th

Isle of Hags 2nd, Nak nak 4th (-1), the Grendels 5th (+2), the Centauri 6th (+2), Complete Bastards 7th (+2), Koffee 8th (+2), Isla Vista 14th (+3), Sdaeriji 17th (+4), Tremalkier 18th (+1), Wulfhelm 22nd (+2).

The Zocalo 51st (+9), Galicia-Volhynia 61st (+2), Zyklon B 75th (+3), Obstinacy 86th (+1), Marldeep 90th (+3), Dienes 128th (+33), the Imperial Remnant 154th (+11), Mackintosh 203rd (-3), Klungonia 221st (-9), Cthonian Wasteland 232nd (+15).

The Book of Five Rings 247th (-7), Flanderosa 258th (-13), Qanzona 301st (-4), Kwangistar 317th, Kuat 361st (+33), Grandeese 377th (+40), Orpheus 427th (+3), Medved 437th, New Illuve 513th (+55), Silver Star HQ 522nd 490th (-32).

Post by Balls n weiners suppressed by The Bruce.

Balls n weiners

The metacognitive reflections of Gravelbourg is a weak lowly country

Terren colonys


Hi, Terren Colonys!

How's everyone doing this Sunday? I made banana pancakes, with topped blueberries and whip cream. It's a nice Sunday thing to do.

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