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Oh My God <sob> it's a double, double rainbow... Oh wow, wow <sob> what does it mean? Oh... Ohhhh... <sob>

Masilova iii

Then I will definitely not banject you, An obvious spy nation.

Oops. Pushed the wrong button. My bad. :-)

No Recalls Here!

It’s a medium-term market report today, with auto plants last shown November 3rd, nearly four months ago. The “+” indicates moving up the ranks from the last time this category was featured; “-“ indicates losing ranks; and nothing means that your ranking was unchanged. That or you weren’t in the region last time this category was shown (Kwangistar). Only when short-term variations, up or down, are part of an overall trend should they be considered a diagnosis of your movement in the overall standings.

The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in the World: February 26th

Nak nak 1st, the Grendels 3rd, Isle of Hags 4th, the Centauri 6th (+2), Koffee 7th, Complete Bastards 11th, Sdaeriji 14th (+1), Tremalkier 15th (-1), Isla Vista 18th (-2), Wulfhelm 20th (+2).

The Zocalo 43rd (+3), the Bruce 87th (+1), Marldeep 89th (+6), Cthonian Wasteland 95th (+4), Zyklon B 106th (+3), Mackintosh 127th (-6), Grandeese 193rd (+12), Dienes 206th (+70), Galicia-Volhynia 223rd (-2), Go Canucks Go 285th (-3).

Kwangistar 292nd, Klungonia 304th (-7), Silver Star HQ 305th (-4), Ruges followers 308th (+13), the Imperial Remnant 311th (+26), Flanderosa 316th (-4), Orpheus 342nd (+2), the Book of Five Rings 349th (-2), Qanzona 350th (-8), the Silver Waterway 538th (+3).

Another title defence of my godlessness! Remember to make a home in your heart for chaos. ;>)

Always the telegrams from people trying to save my immortal subatomic particles.

Namaste, just passing through.

“We cling to our own point of view, as though everything depended on it. Yet our opinions have no permanence; like autumn and winter, they gradually pass away.”-Chuang Tzu

Hello just claimed Al-4 spot on map in right thread. Hope i get it soon.

Me too, New Dexteria. Me too.

Deep south borland

Isla Vista,
I am with you. but I get it from the opposite end of the spectrum...Haters gonna hate.

So vote Cthulhu....

Deep south borland

Sorry to post 2 in a row but look at the News items.

Daddy are you proud of me now...Daddy...Daddy????

*sigh..loads revolver...

Just logging my message here, for the annuls of history, now that all messages are being saved.

Pax Aeternas, Pax Ammaris!

Hello from the original Tremalkier (glad to see the password is still the same). Always interesting to check in...must've been at least a year.

The Gentle Peoples are very proud to apparently have the first message in the new history gathering Wysterian RMB.

We wish to lodge this message in the interest of posterity.

Deep south Borland: Congratulations for making the News page. Many new improvements on this here NS. Nice.

So Holy, and oh so extreme~

And so on the news page! o3 o

You're famous, Borland! Smile for the camera!

Oooo... I hadn't noticed the little 'x' so we can delete our double posts when we hit reload after posting - or discover a horrific missppeelling error.

The new posting features will be most appreciated in the regions without offsite forums and in the game created regions (the Pacifics, the Rejected Realms, and Lazarus). For the first time, feeder delegates will have the power to keep their region boards from being taken over by recruiters. It might be a bit confusing for nations who have resided in game created regions though, as they're not used to using their own boards. The question remains whether they care about more than having their flag on the top of the region. In some cases, where feeder delegates have links to regions outside of the feeder I expect them to go light on recruiters or at least light on certain invader recruiters.

The history function will mean that spammers will no longer be able to clear the board, while post suppression allows them to be easily cleared. While the post suppression is a useful feature, it still doesn't permanently remove messages, such as the leavings of obscene spammers. Hopefully, the Mods will continue the practice of permanently removing unwanted spam.

Hello, fellow Wysterians! *wave* Hope everyone's feeling cool and shiny today/tonight.

"Following new legislation in VaIjean, the nation is constantly threatened with invasion but at least homosexuality in the military isn't a problem." Eek..of course, this is because I went with the hippie peacenik option of "why bother with a military", but it makes it sound like there's a standing army that's understaffed due to specifically banning LGBT people from serving. Or maybe that's just how it sounds to me...freaky semantics.

Deep south borland

"Deep south Borland: Congratulations for making the News page. Many new improvements on this here NS. Nice."
I didn't notice until my Telegram box started to fill up. And whatever text they attributed to his Holiness..Blasphemy, I tells ya...BLASPHAMY! But I do so enjoy the new features.

"So Holy, and oh so extreme~"
Snap into a SLIM-JIM, snap into it! (<-just as Holy and even more Extreme).

"You're famous, Borland! Smile for the camera!"
I'm a little camera shy. But talk to the Grendels about fame, he has inspired more impersonators in NS than Elvis and Micheal Jackson combined.

Spanish meatloaf

The Trophy Points Game


there are a lot of trophy rich nations in Wysteria, I wonder who will be the top scorer ;)

I win. The end. ;>)

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