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GAHH RECLASSIFIED .. and all because of a pro-active foreign policy.

I guess I'll have to pass legislation to give babies the vote now.

I do hate flying. I do love having new clothes. But old clothes are nice too. We always keep old clothes as long as they're good. Mending is better than ending. The more stitches, the more it bewitches.

When the individual feels, the community reels.

Why does Noel's flag suddenly look rather Libyan?

Because I thought I would give it a try but it is insufficient for the Western Atlantic's only communist nation, and has therefore been amended.

All your cheese is belong to us.

A sad lack of cheese in the old Fiefdom.

We can sell you cheese.

Shame we dont have anybody with a Libyan-style flag.

The economic policies of the UCF are vindicated!

Please check out the economic treaty and revised slavery statement on our regional forum!

Many Knootians undergo the so-called "good death".

I shall check soon!

There is nothing good in Knootoss.....

Except its borders

Which could stand to be moved south and west.

On this we agree.

Also, with the proper application of meditation, breathing exercises, abstention from grains and devotion to the pagan acts of cult and alchemical and other esoteric techniques and lore of Xirnium, you too can enjoy the elixir of life, achieve physical immortality and gain admission to heavenly realms inaccessible to the spirits of mere mortals. Unless you’re Christian.

* 55 minutes ago: Knootoss's resolution Permit Male Circumcision was passed by the General Assembly

Could you guys check out the New Leicestershire application on the regional forums?

Is the Xirnium-Midlonia alliance still going ahead btw?

No. Midlonia appears to have suffered some vague geopolitical mischance and is in no fit state to be an ally of the Bright Republic at this time.


Welcome New Leicestershire!

Xirnium is ranked 22nd in Western Atlantic and 71,240th in the world for Most Pacifist.

... Xirnumite pacifism defrauded.

The resurgent dream

We already knew it was just hypocrisy. What do you have to vote for to be less rude?

Ban swearing.

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