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While kavotik personnels distracting the Lyretano fleets, warp gate appears at the back of their fleets. However, Lyretano can't detect any sort of fleets entering and just ignoring the warp gate until it was closed again.

A new top secret Hikxx's ships named Trojan Cruiser suddenly appeared out of no where at the back and starts shooting. The fleets takes a massive damage from the attack and when they locked up the target and ready to fire, the cruisers vanished undetected. (3x) [indication of how many this same action was being executed]

"Mein gott,prepare it.."
Missiles are fired at a fleet of Kavotik,disabling the main weaponry,leaving the secondary ones online.

Lyretano wrote:"Mein gott,prepare it.."
Missiles are fired at a fleet of Kavotik,disabling the main weaponry,leaving the secondary ones online.

*The Kamikaze drones (after penetrating straight through the orbital cannons) turn around, and zip directly through 3-4 battleships*

(incase you are wondering how they work, this is how: The drones, made of graphene, have only RCS and warp drives, they are designed to puncture through spacecraft while travelling at warp speed. The drones only work 7-10 times before completely disintegrating.)


A battleship blew up,the other 3 were either heavily damaged,or immobile,as the Halberd,Meta Knight's main battleship,did a warp to attack a enemy group of ships.

Or so it seemed,in actuality,there was conflict on board the vessel.

First fleet keep distracting the enemy fleets (Trojan Cruiser's Fleet)
Second fleet were dispatched to the Kavotik air space for the humanitarian aid.

"...I predict that I may win or lose."

Lyretano wrote:"...I predict that I may win or lose."

"Doesn't everybody?"


Lyretanoian spies sabotage a battleship

"...let's just finish this."

Lyretano wrote:"...let's just finish this."

*During the drawn out pause, the ACP has furnished 2 new Kamikaze Drones, one zips towards a Lyretonian outpost and strikes directly in the fuel tank, spewing hot gas everywhere. The other one, joined by the other two, shoots towards the Meta Knight.*

The Halberd...doesn't fire back,then Dan requests to speak.. with someone on the opposition.

Second Testing Armada.
Officer : They have stopped their fire, should we do so?

Commander Onin : Yes, stop our fire and focusing on shields durability while stationary. Separate us to two division. One will ***... and the other one will ***...

Officer : Roger that.

First Humanitarian Aid Armada.
Packages successfully delivered. Armada will now assisting with Kavotik's interplanetary defenses.


Opstan wrote:*waves*



Opstan wrote:*waves*

*waves back*


Hello Hi!

If you wonder why im here, i lost the motivation so i abandoned it and made a new one with the concept ”games”.

I did it! Communism won! Yay XD

The Latinamerican federation wrote:I did it! Communism won! Yay XD


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