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I suspect it's another Velikorossiya puppet. Welcome, though.

Welcome Moskovskoe

I wanna know! I hope people respond to this thread, so I can see how their nations were founded. Read mine!


The inritus extraho

Yay, the Inritus has finally colonized the two other planets in our pulsar's orbit, creating the new colonies of "the Inritus" and "the War Shards"
(OOC: lol, i cant remember the prefixes :P. And yes, I almost always stay in character."

Welcome to them both!


Why is a rabbit the symbol for lowest crime rate?

Beats me. Maybe because rabbits are peaceful... except the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, of course.

Because doves only act peaceful until you turn your back on them.

Zombie rabbits

Rabbits are not peaceful.

No! Not the killer rabbit!

The sign for most cultured is a full wine glass. As is common knowledge people behave most civilized under the influence of alcohol.

"Most Cultured" means more that your nation is supportive of the liberal arts than how civilized the people behave.

Yes but the sign is still a full wine glass. And since NS is an all age game. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to show something else. Like a theater mask or a brush.

They trying to use stock artwork when custom is needed.

You wanna see a killer rabbit? Come to The Bureaucracy, we'll show you a Vizzerdrix. A bored wizard once crossed the DNA of a rabbit and a pirannah, he never made that same mistake again...

Congratulations to The Intergalactic Republic of Kreanoltha for your "largest retail sector ranking".

Kreanoltha always tops the economic lists around here.

Not recently. We have bagged quite a few since arriving and I was expecting to get this one too. If you look, he pipped us by single world ranking point! Bah - next time. LOL

Bentar, if someone was going to binge drink wine from a little image that NS showed depicting it as cultured, they probably don't play NS, and damn wouldn't drink it from a glass.

Proudly scraping the bottom of the public sector barrel.

PaK all I'm saying is there are better ways to show someone is cultured than a full wine glass.

Yes, but a well cultured land is usually associated with fine wines, books, and foods. Therefore a glass of wine makes sense.

I just realized - considering none of us play the raiding/defending game and don't really participate in gameplay so much as RP, having WA Delegates with power over gameplay makes little sense.

Though frankly, about half of us hear snark about the WA so much I'm surprised we even have a WA delegate.

On the other hand, seeing as I'm bored and reading the Technical and Gameplay forums, feel free to post your thoughts on the game here. We're pretty much safe from anything, but should we?

Man, I need to get some dinner...

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