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I think it is c). I'm sure i read it somewhere, or heard it somewhere, or saw it somewhere...

Слава Україні!

Wadelhelpia wrote:I think it is c). I'm sure i read it somewhere, or heard it somewhere, or saw it somewhere...

Слава Україні!

That’s a large milk and honey for Wadelhelpia. Top it up with your best brandy, please barman cutie. Ta.

Environmental Beauty: First: The Nude Beach top 0.09%. Second: Yannia top 0.2%. Third: Icarianna top 0.5% … Middle: Gayeers top 10% … Last: The Choir Boy bottom 0%

In Tincan Banana, conspiracy theorists allege Kaddish's new subway map resembles Satanic symbols.

In Pencil Sharpeners, oil rigs in winter are heated by contained oil slick fires.

In Quesan, ten-year-olds regularly found their own political parties.

Europa League Final. Good grief, I’m going to have to cheer for Rangers, enemy of enemies, because they’re from Scotland.

Frankfurt win after extra time on penalties.

Freedom from Taxation: First: The Choir Boy top 0.08%. Second: Pencil Sharpeners top 0.3%. Third: Barman top 0.8% … Middle: Loveboys bottom 14% … Last: Yannia bottom 0%

In Big epic nation, authorities are looking for a stool pigeon to rat out who is stealing food from pigeon toilets.

In Valenceria, one-man canoes fitted with the latest tracking technology leave no room for one man.

In Massimolandia, urban entrepreneurs are busy introducing cockroaches into restaurant kitchens.

Friends of Dorothy wrote:THE FUNERAL OF NELVANA III or Walking the Plank in Shark-infested Waters

The cold corpse has been cried over all night by wailing grannies, whilst cheerleaders cheer and turn cartwheels. The procession has now minced its way from the Dunes to the pier at Shark Harbour.
Grannies continue to wail, choir-children try to look serious and Gay Parrot marshals the solemn parade that weeps for Nelvana III. At the dockside, Pope Frankie drones on and on, but it's a funeral so people have to put up with it.

POPE FRANKIE Nelvana III will mince in newness of life, nishta anything shall separate him from the love of Gloria, which is in Crystal Josie, our Duchess.


POPE FRANKIE Oh for goodness sake, just say amen.

PEOPLE (chastened and obedient) Amen

CHOIR BOYS ♫ Be aware, what lies beneath
Razor sharp and pointy teeth
Walk the Plank!

Our dear, beloved Nelvana III is tipped into the briny deep and by noon today will be shark poo.

Cheerio, Nelvana, bye bye Grave Raven. Miss you !!! If you come back to us we’ll say the funeral was all a dream.

*belting from the balcony*

"Don't cry for me, Argentina
The truth is, I never left you"

BOO! I got distracted on job and graduate school drama for a few months, and I've been stripped of my rankings, flags, banners, and CITIZENSHIP WITHIN NUDIST DREAMLAND by the server! Quelle dommage! That'll teach me.

Hope everybody is well, and thank you for attending my funeral. Hola to Joe, Friends of Dorothy, Yannia, Lady Laura, Wadelhelpia, Pencil Sharpeners, and Discoveria. Big bro Yannia, thank you for carrying on our regional metrics strength in the likely event I never get them back!

Oh hurrah Nelvana III is alive and well. The funeral was but a dream. (Still, a fun time was had by all.) That’s champagne all ‘round, barman cutie. Fantabulosa!

World Assembly Endorsements: Wadelhelpia is our Delegate and has been so for two years and three months.

Thanks to Khryzia, Dancing Dragons, Pabloh, Sunny Glade and Massimolandia for supporting our Delegate. It is much appreciated.

There’s a bright dawn ahead for Nelvana III.

In Valenceria, hiding wrinkles with make-up is illegal.

Sex changes are routinely performed at 528’s hospitals.

Day of the week, umm … Friday. Qu’est-ce qui se passe tous les vendredis? Rufus tinkles the ivories in the upstairs theatre, then Parrot belts out Céline Dion numbers en français s’il vous plaît. After the fireworks at Yannsborg Citadel light up the sky, everyone ambles over to the Dunes for some wild dancing. Sound good? Be there or be square. xx

Intelligence: First: Nelvana III top 0.04%. Second: Yannia top 0.05%. Third: The Nude Beach top 0.4% … Middle: Neu spanland top 13% … Last: Pencil Sharpeners bottom 0% (53rd from bottom in the world)

In Rainbow Beach, captains must wait until all rats are safe before jumping ship.

In PoorChoices, consumption of cat memes has skyrocketed.

Friends of Dorothy’s national animal is the male, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation.

Scientific Advancement: First: Nelvana III top 0.4%. Second: Yannia top 0.5%. Third: Pabloh top 2% … Middle: 528 top 25% … Last: Pencil Sharpeners bottom 0% (70th from bottom in world)

In Ever Always, animal liberationists receive government funding to break into animal research labs.

In Pabloh, dog owners proudly declare that their pups can predict when the mailman will arrive.

In Barely True, there's an aura of pseudoscience around academia.

Beverage Sales: First: The Choir Boy top 0.8%. Second: Gay Parrot top 1%. Third: Nudist Dreamland top 2% … Middle: Chq bottom 38% … Last: Yannia bottom 0% (65th from bottom in world)

In Wailing Grannies, funerals are often rudely interrupted by juggling clowns shouting for volunteers from the audience.

In Carefree Island, father-son fishing trips have been banned.

In Indecision, there's no such thing as a safe bet.

Suppose I should say something, otherwise it’s just Joe Joe Joe for days on end.

Anyway, I know from a family Zoom that in English-speaking Canada today is Victoria Day and in French-speaking Canada it’s La journée des patriotes. The first is in favour of Queen Victoria, the other celebrates a rebellion against Queen Victoria. Either way it’s a holiday.

Canadians, Happy Victoria Day. Canadiens, bonne Journée des Patriotes.

That’s a large milk and honey, please barman cutie, for everyone in the joint.

Friends of Dorothy wrote:Either way it’s a holiday

I like the disparity in reasons to celebrate. I'm all about that spiteful celebration stuff.

Income Equality: First: Tubercular Sky top 0.3%. Second: Loveboys top 2%. Third: Teahead Joyride top 2% … Middle: Icarianna top 18% … Last: The Choir Boy bottom 0% (33rd from bottom in world)

In Windows of the Skull, the lowest age at which one can marry has been recently lowered to 12.

In Pabloh, cassocked priests and choirboys believe that what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.

In Drunken Taxicabs, prudishness is on the way out.

Tuesday is Trivia Showdown Night at Tommy’s Bar

Here is your bonus question for a milk and honey, absolutely free ..

Who came back from the dead the other day?

a) Jesús from the car crash in Oviedo

b) Margaret Thatcher

c) Nelvana III

Whisper your answer in Sal’s ear. The answer is bound to be in the Book by now.

Get to Tommy’s NOW !!! There are only a few barstools left.

public service announcement

The correct answer is b), Margaret Thatcher. If it isn´t in the Book of Answers it ought to be.
(Please, Baroness Thatcher. Come back and bring some of the good old 1980s prosperity with you !)

How´s every one doing ?
I found this nice little quote by one of Ancient Rome´s most famous men, Cicero. He said. “Nemo enim fere saltat sobrius, nisi forte insanit.” No man would dance while sober, unless he is insane. I agree wholeheartedly.
I don´t feel like dancing anyway, despite my NS name. Going through a rough patch.
I´m in a dark, misanthropic mood, actually. I drew a short bande dessinée titled Dancing On Your Grave. It´s about a small boy in a wheelchair. He´s got no friends. The other children reject him and make fun of him.

One day he saw storm clouds gathering. And it rained. It rained Magnum .45 revolver handguns. And they started growing on a tree.
As the boy grew up he got better, stronger. Strong enough to stand on his own feet and pick a revolver from the revolver tree.
The boy and the handgun became good friends. One day the revolver smiled at the boy and told him
"What the other kids did to you was unfair and cruel. I can empower you know..."

You can figure out the rest.
Dark as it is, someone actually liked it and there´s a good chance it´ll get published.

Friends of Dorothy wrote:Tuesday is Trivia Showdown Night at Tommy’s Bar

Here is your bonus question for a milk and honey, absolutely free ..

Who came back from the dead the other day?

a) Jesús from the car crash in Oviedo

b) Margaret Thatcher

c) Nelvana III

Whisper your answer in Sal’s ear. The answer is bound to be in the Book by now.

Get to Tommy’s NOW !!! There are only a few barstools left.

public service announcement

I think it's c), Nelvana III only because I've often look like I've been raised out of a pool of briny solution, only to realize it's Ramone, my hairdresser, trying to slap me awake after consuming too many edibles, waiting for the perm solution to curl my ever-so-hard-to-style mop of hair.

Whilst trying to rinse the solution out of my now burned hair, Ramone tries to kick away a copy of my Attitude and DNA magazines, so he may read them himself later. I haven't read them yet, especially the article about Mark Phelps announcing his engagement to NBA Star, Blake Griffin, who, inicidentally, was seceretly dating Stephen Curry, don'tcha know!

That’s an extra large milk and honey for Transexy, barman cutie por favor, filled to the top with your best champagne.

Thank you for news of famous gay hook-ups.

Dancing Dragons, dearest, Margaret Thatcher is one of my least favourite dead people, and it’s no to revolver trees, even for small boys in wheelchairs. Can’t he just zap them with bolts of lightning or turn them into silly lapdogs with a twitch of his nose?

You must be going through a rough patch if you don’t feel like dancing. Sorry to hear that. You are our favourite dragon, dancing or no.

Public Education: First: Yannia top 0.04% (84th in world). Second: Nelvana III top 0.04%. Third: The Nude Beach top 0.07% … Middle: Test Icicle top 17% … Last: Pencil Sharpeners bottom 0% (20th from bottom)

In Barman, public urination is on the increase.

In Transexy, maximum security fish farms leave caged salmon pining for the fjords.

In Iantopiia, a stocking with a crooked seam or a tie without a full Windsor knot are grounds for instant dismissal.

Happy Wednesday every one.
I´m so glad Nelvana III came back from the dead. Maybe he call tell us about underworld cuisine. They must use a lot of bones down there.
Thank you, Nudist Dreamland. You have the power to put a smile on my face.

Welcome Hulhumale. That’s a large milk and honey just for you, on the house.

Economy: First: Nelvana III top 0.1%. Second: Yannia top 0.2%. Third: The Nude Beach top 2% … Middle: 528 bottom 48% … Last: Pencil Sharpeners bottom 0% (2nd from bottom in world)

In Loveboys, all guns must be registered.

In Hulhumale, a valid legal defence is 'dead men tell no tales'.

In The Nude Beach, people talk about things being better when men were men.

G´day, Nudist Dreamland.
Wow, Nelvana III. Back from the dead one day, First in ND for Economy the next. You´re a true comeback kid. Congrats !

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