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Tuesday is Trivia Showdown Night at Tommy’s Bar

Here is your bonus question for a free milk and honey ..

Where do radio shows frequently feature people denouncing religion?

a) Saudi Arabani

b) Christian Conservative States

c) Loveboys

This question will demand specialist knowledge, but whisper your guess in Sal’s ear and she will look it up in the Book of Answers.

public service announcement

Eleven hours later and no one has won the Trivia Showdown free milk and honey. Someone please just guess. It’s either a), b) or c).

I think the answer is B! ^_^

Pencil Sharpeners wrote:I think the answer is B! ^_^

That’s as good a guess as any, my dear. Who’s to know about these things? Sadly, the Book of Answers says the right reply is c). I have given the milk and honey to a cat, the tabby one who purrs all the time. Thank you for taking part.

I would have said D, Land of Kardashians, but oh well.

Transexy wrote:I would have said D, Land of Kardashians, but oh well.

Sorry, Transexy. There is no d) and Tabby has already lapped up the milk and honey.

Thank goodness I keep an extra supply of milk and honey in the cupboard.

Averageness: First: Gayeers top 8%. Second: District Line 39 top 9%. Third: DiscLosure top 9% … Middle: Machinery of Night bottom 33% … Last: Pencil Sharpeners bottom 7%

In Transexy, it turns out that money can buy you happiness.

In Pabloh, in a baffling press conference Melora Benandanti proudly dismantled a broken door.

In Iantopiia, it turns out you can teach cats new tricks.

No, No, NO, Pabloh was supposed to proudly dismantle a drunken whore!!

Economy: First: Nelvana III top 0.1%. Second: Grave Raven top 0.2%. Third: Yannia top 0.2% … Middle: Wadelhelpia bottom 45% … Last: Pencil Sharpeners bottom 0% (2nd from bottom in world)

In Pabloh, members of the government all have oddly similar anecdotes about their childhoods.

In The Nude Beach, citizens are encouraged to report friends, family members or co-workers who seem depressed to the government for "counselling".

In Nudesia, noises louder than a whisper have been prohibited by law.

On Thursday Cats Drink FREE at Tommy’s Bar

“Even though some cats can tolerate milk and seem to enjoy it, cow’s milk just isn’t good for cats,” says the Internet.

¡No hay problema! Our milk and honey for cats is lactose-free.

Humans: Are you a lady, lad, Gay or transgender. Perhaps more than one of the aforementioned? If so, your milk and honey is half price, yes that’s 50 percent off.

Get to Tommy’s NOW !!!

Poll result • When going to an event, which one best describes you?

Arrive on time = 8 votes

Arrive thirty minutes early = 8 votes

Arrive fifteen minutes late = 3 votes

Get there when you can = 0 votes

Edit: I’ve just come across a Nudist Dreamland poll from 8 years 101 days ago. That would be January 2014. It was posted by Nudist Dreamland for residents only. The question was What kind of cuisine should the new restaurant opposite Tommy’s serve?. The result was: French 4 votes, Indian 4 votes, Italian 3 votes and Thai 1 vote. Someone started an Indian restaurant and it was called … ??? The Star of Bengal !!! I’m sure of it. The storyline was soon discontinued.

I have looked back in the Nudist Dreamland archives for that time, and boy did we talk a lot of rot. (Unlike now.) There was a vote to break the deadlock in the poll between French and Indian food, to the advantage of the latter.

Blast from the past post from Tommy bahama, January 2014 .. Tommy has a dig at The Star of Bengal.

While everyone is welcome to operate a business in my nation of freedom, I'll have you know that the restaurant that will be opening across the way is run by a very shady character who does NOT enjoy milk 'n' be sure to still visit my world famous all you can eat buffet, where you can wine, dine, and be entertained by the legendary Parrot - that restaurant can't compete!!!


The Star of Bengal couldn’t compete with Tommy’s. There’s a lesson there somewhere.

Civil Rights: First: San Francesco Bay top 8%. Second: Pencil Sharpeners top 9%. Third: Yannia top 10% … Middle: Nudity land top 23% … Last: The Choir Boy bottom 2%

In The Pub Cat, there's a lot of babies crying for milk in the middle of the day.

In Sunny Glade, the government takes agricultural advice from a wasp-themed superhero.

In Eflandia, students learn how to disarm mines before understanding basic arithmetic.

It is Friday. If you are in low spirits you can ..

a) throw yourself off the River Tommy bridge

b) get to Tommy’s NOW for a breakfast milk and honey, listen to Rufus tinkle the ivories in the Theatre Upstairs, howl along to Céline Dion numbers as the fireworks light up the sky at Yannsborg citadel and dance naked with Dirk the Guardsman on the Dunes.

One or the other. Your choice.

b) hunny, all the way! and Dirk, hurry up with the nakey!!

South west portis

Hello everyone

Transexy wrote:b) hunny, all the way! and Dirk, hurry up with the nakey!!

He's there, waiting for y'all. And he's not alone: he brought friends and colleagues.

Greetings, South west portis

Weaponisation: First: Pencil Sharpeners top 0.008% (21st in world). Second: Grave Raven top 0.02% (46th in world). Third: Gay Parrot top 5% … Middle: Big epic nation bottom 12% … Last: Nelvana III bottom 0%

In Ever Always, animal liberationists receive government funding to break into animal research labs.

In Quesan, dinner parties often end in politically charged fist fights.

In The Nude Beach, teenagers performing appendectomies on their friends has become a popular schoolyard prank.

Taxation: First: Nelvana III top 0.06%. Second: Yannia top 0.08%. Third: The Nude Beach top 0.2% … Middle: Eyeball Kicks top 16% … Last: Pencil Sharpeners bottom 0% (37th from bottom in the world)

In The Undead Sailor, crime is on the rise as DNA sampling has been all but outlawed.

In Nudardia, surveillance cameras are banned.

In South west portis, the tenet of free speech is held dear.

Health: First: Yannia top 0.02% (40th in world). Second: Nelvana III top 0.04% (84th in world). Third: Icarianna top 0.4% … Middle: Puble infessineland top 28% … Last: Grave Raven bottom 0% (31st from bottom in world)

In Transexy, international humanitarian organisations are applauding the government for ending the death penalty.

In Chq, armed war-criminals gain asylum if deemed 'fabulous' enough.

In Iantopiia, travellers are often forcibly evicted by torch-bearing mobs.

New Poll • Favourite horror novel made into a film?

 « 24 minutes ago: Grave raven ceased to exist.
24 minutes ago: Nelvana iii ceased to exist. »

How can this be ??? !!!

Foreign Aid: First: The Nude Beach top 0.2%. Second: Pabloh top 0.4%. Third: Massimolandia top 0.8% … Middle: Socialcity republic top 16% … Last: The Choir Boy bottom 0%

Tincan Banana successfully hosted the Nudist Dreamland Olympics.

In PoorChoices, the government recently donated a surfboard to an impoverished family in a landlocked region.

In Sunny Glade, military pilots spend more time scraping feathers off their engines than flying their aircraft.

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