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"Figured yall would need a representative for St. Tammany Parish."

yes we're sleepy here, ugh. I guess RL is more alive lol.
Stpgov certainly needs representatives! (though the Mandeville ones are quite good)


I know this isn't the most active region, and probably nobody's ever going to read this or care, but Port stormy and I are back. The region we were invited to join 21 days ago turned out to be a den of maybe Nazis, or maybe Nazi apologists, or maybe Nazi sympathizers - either way, not folks the Senate and People Magdalenia want to keep as company anymore.
But it's great to be back on de bayou, aiiiiieeeee!

Once again, laissez les bons temps rouler!

Port stormy

By the way, Magdalenia won for having the top Pizza Delivery Sector in the region. Woo-hoo! But this is the last time I'm going to mention that, because I win so often, it's like, what's the point, you know? It would be easier for me to mention the regional #1 trophies Magdalenia and Port Stormy don't win! But whatever, I'm not going to mention the awards anymore unless they're ones I'm really, really proud of. This pizza thing... it's nice, but not exactly what I intend Magdalenia to be renowned for.

Florida parishes

Greetings from Florida parishes.

Nice to see that I am not the only player from the St. Tammany Parish area! Shame that this region has no regional map or offsite forum to build up a robust government. Would make things much more interesting around here!

I agree. But I don't have any rank around here to make decisions like that.
What did you have in mind?

Florida parishes

Well assuming we can get the founder involved we could start by implementing a regional map. Members can choose land for their nation. We could then organize a regional government that would be based upon a republic and include a legislature, head of state, and court. From there we can build an offsite forum, recruit, and actually establish an active region in NationStates. I have much experience in all this and if the right people were committed I would love to help.

Sounds like a great idea, but the first eight words of the previous post prettymuch sum up the major obstacle. So I guess we'll just have to file all of that under "the best laid plans."

Florida parishes

True. However, there are alternatives, such as creating another Louisiana themed region. Thus would allow us to enact these plans.

Maybe if you can get some other people interested.
Talk to St pointe coupee over in Baton Rouge. Maybe he'll be interested.

Florida parishes

And you?

I said, "maybe if you can get some other people interested."

Maps and external forums sound like good ideas. You don't need me to open an external forum and as for the map, I can add a link and one could update the content of the map. It's true though that I don't have much time to spend in this game. I can do my part as long as it doesn't require alot of efforts.

Glad to see you're alive. I was worried about you.
I think that "Florida Parishes" guy is gone. I declined to join his region because it had some "affiliations" I wasn't comfortable with, but his ideas were good.
I'm not into off-site forums. I don't see why we need one. The RMB is fine. And for the map, well, it would be just a map of Louisiana (like this one:, but we'd draw our own borders within it. (I don't really care where Magdalenia is, as long as I get at least a little bit of the seacoast and at least one coastal island for Port Stormy.)

It's Mardi Gras!
Laissez les bon temps roulez, Louisiana! Aiiieee!

yes indeed Mardi Gras was swell -- now we have Lent (too much to Bobby's corporate pals), ugh

Lent? Don't be a Debbie Downer! We don't observe Lent, it's against our religion!

LOL -- Of course, our Lenten "sacrifice" is to forgo eating beef and pork -- in favor of seafood (including alligator -- as the Archbishop of New Orleans just granted a special dispensation LOL)

Whoa! Founder has CTEd!

Port Stormy and I are going to make like all the rich white people in New Orleans before Katrina and get the heck out of town! We're not interested in becoming food for the black riders, thank you very much.

Adieu, mon amis!

Ah hurray! Our founder is back! :)

I feared that you were amongst the laid off State Civil Service workers (or perhaps you still are, ugh)

Welcome back Nouvelle Orleans :)

Back from the dead, meh

Flirting with death, always on the edge... that's me! :)

yes, back from being assissinated

Bonjour, mes amis ! Just thought I'd introduce myself. Comment ša va ?

Welcome! We really have a sleepy region *dusts off overcoat*

Indeed. Hello from the future.