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Hai oh, Nolaerie!

Hey Kanaia :)

Very unusual for N.O. to be absent so long -- must been trying to avoid our state election qualifying this week -- Bobby Jindal may have nine challengers -- but 1/20 of his campaign warchest and he is still going to outspend'em

(of course he'll also look really foolish when he gets reelected just by a plurality)

Welcome back Nouvelle Orleans :)
Many thanks to TKI -- TITO for safeguarding our region in N.O.'s slumber :)

Good luck, I'm off to the islands.

Welcome Oak Alley Plantation

Corrupt radioactive childhood memories

Hello. ^_^

Hello. Welcome to Louisiana. What brings you here?

Corrupt radioactive childhood memories

Meh, nothing much, really. This is a puppet of Grenartia, and I found a region that actually has some NSers from around here, so I figured, hey, what the hell?

Excellent, welcome. I play NS from both Uptown New Orleans and UNO...

Corrupt radioactive childhood memories

Ah. I'm in Hammond. Used to live in Bogalusa, and before that, Kenner.

Very nice. With sea level rise, Hammond should become an even greater refuge. And of course Southeastern is already making UNO look minor league, ugh

Corrupt radioactive childhood memories

Yeah, but Ponchatoula High sucks. Not academically, of course. But they don't really give a flying !@#$ about student's rights.

Um, Ponchatoula strawberries are good for shortcake, and for ... ;)

Um NS is amazing -- if only Huey could have been reborn in RL ~ ... :)

Corrupt radioactive childhood memories

I'm actually not to big a fan of strawberries. Anyways, I'm not living in Louisiana anymore. Living in Nashville now.

ah cool -- just made it back with minutes to spare before the update ;)


see ya

whooosh! (passing nations and the freezing cold, ugh)

Ho, ho, ho! Joyeux NoŽl!

Alright Papa Noel :)
Surely you saw the bonfires along River Road in Gramercy, Lutcher and Reserve

Happy New Year everyone.
And how about them Saints? :)

Chamber of randomness

How does texas have more nations then Louisiana?

hmm... in RL and NS Texas is a lot bigger than Louisiana. We are however one of the oldest regions in NS with the same founder.

Damn -- need to revive the Abita Beer Truck -- how am I gonna git some beer for the masses?

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