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Many thanks to TITO and PD for your assistance. The founder I expect will return soon -- appreciate some endorsements until then will secure region further mometarily

Bienvenue! Welcome! Bienvenidos!

Laissez le bon temps rouler! Le berçeau des Cajuns vous accueil.

Welcome to the great state of Louisiana. Where life taste so good.

Thank you Uncle Earl. Region has also been passworded until Nouvelle Orleans returns. Natives of the region can telegram me for the password

I'm back. For a while I was wondering... gee I know there is something I must do but, can't put the finger on it. Then I remembered 10 days too late. hehe!

:) Welcome home.

yes indeed -- The Royaume does not disappoint. :)
Perhaps it was the onset of autumn...

Nice that we are the featured region of the day today. 10/18/2014

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hmm ... lots of travelers in/out of Louisiana
Hope they know about Governor Jindal's ban on travelers from West Africa

"Were here on a experimental run we got two but the fendas got the third and no one but God got Christmas so yah!"

Hmm... Louisiana may in RL put up with Boobby Jindal, but here in NS we don't tolerate much foolishness.
Be gone 'experimenters' by nightfall or we'll have a nice Loousiana send off for you to enjoy the best BBQ in NS in the TRR.


*Waves at Nolaerie*

:) Nice to see the timer works well. I poked at Nolaerie and his TITO friends arrived in a flash

Many thanks to all defender visitors on this Bayou Classic weekend

Thanks Uncle Earl. Hello to my TITO friends *waves back at Kanaia*

I anticipate Nouvelle Orleans' return soon ~ Though s/he has to reset their vacation alarm!
Thanks for hanging out. Please telegram me the names of known raiders still in the region so we can can take Uncle Earl's advice to send them off to enjoy the best BBQ in NS in TRR.

In the absence of Regional Founder The Royaume of Nouvelle Orleans, I have posted a poll on the one subject attempting rise above the din our Louisiana life*: What might the outcome of the U.S. Senate race election contest be in Louisiana slated for Saturday December 6, 2014.

Vote early! Poll results will be posted herein Sunday December 7th. Feel free to post about the race / candidates / the one lame debate / might Fast Eddie make a comeback / etc. Note that Cassidy is a (R) and Landrieu is a (D) but ideologically both people pretty similar and fail to conform with the National Party stereotypes in this poster's view.

*Go to the home page of New Orleans for the main outcome many in Louisiana are more interested in: Whether the New Orleans Saints will make the NFC playoffs

My god! Time ran so fast.

I am sorry, but I have to leave this region, this has been my favourite region by far but I need to start my own so I can get some leadership into my experience. You can expect me back soon enough.

~ Frankie, Lawful Leader and Protector of Dauca

Nouvelle Orleans wrote:My god! Time ran so fast.

Nice to have you back Royaume!

Thanks to TITO for your support. Louisiana's founder is back :)

Guys can I get a few endorsements? I've currently got none and I'd like some for the WA feature which allows me to propose resolutions.

Thanks in advance,
The Daucan Government.

Southern louisiane

Salut! From St Landry

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Southern louisiane wrote:Salut! From St Landry

Hi! From Denham Springs

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Alpha Wolf has request an alliance while the rogues were splashing our region and he is asking me why I did cancel it. So little Survey here. Would you guys have our region to be an ally of his region?

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15 hours ago: Southern louisiane ceased to exist.

WOW might dem ersters now be closer to North Louisiana?

He is from Werewolves of the Flame. Never heard about them.