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Hehehe... except now, you can enforce them by Suppression! :D

The real fruitopia

So, do you guys liek Fruitopia?

@Krushthyneighbor, I came back use to be here all the time. in 2008.

Post by Scarsaw outpost bravo suppressed by Feux.

Scarsaw outpost bravo

I like the taste of Fruitopia but can't drink it; it's too sweet and it makes me feel guilty for drinking that much sugar.

A region for those wishing to learn, role-play, or discuss Nazism and National Socialism. With nearly a hundred members, NE is one of the oldest, largest and most active Nazi region within NationStates. All like minded are welcomed, but all possible trolls/spammers will be banjected. If you have any questions, telegram Scarsaw.

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STAY AWAY....We do not want you to join us.
We just want you to post your favorite songs Lyrics.
Any time is Karaoke time at The Beatles
Post NAO. Or DON'T. We Don't Care.

Post by Alkoul suppressed by Feux.

On behalf of everyone at Capitalist Paradise, I welcome you to Nation States. This is one of the many "ads" welcoming you to NS, however unlike other regions everyone at Capitalist Paradise is more welcoming and is willing to help you with each of your questions about the game. Just as our motto says:
"From Liberty, Prosperity
From Prosperity, Freedom"
We pride ourselves of the amount of freedom Capitalist Paradise has, we welcome all nations of all ideologies, whether you're communist, socialist a dictatorship you'd be welcome with open arms.

~West guiana~

Scarsaw outpost bravo

Capitalist Paradise is more welcoming and willing to help than NAZI EUROPE? I challenge you, Alkoul, to a pokemon battle...go KITLER*....KITLER, use catastrophic planning!

*Kitler: Cats who Look like Hitler.

Post self-deleted by Alkoul.

Pssh! the Infamous Nazi Europe.

Please endorse our new democratically elected Delegate, The Private Estate of GoodNazis. how were the others elected?

Scarsaw outpost bravo

The one and only furred Reich... *bows* ...alright, I'll stop the Kitler references. I just find those kitties so cute ^^

You mean how we previously elected delegates? A various ways. Sometimes they were chosen by the retiring delegate, sometimes it was a region consensus, and sometimes it was the good old Magic 8 Ball. ;D

don't be a sitting ducks!

Another nice new feature of this update is being able to track when adspammers break the one per 24 hour rule. Like when NE only waited 17 hours between ads. Might want to watch that in the future, Scarsaw outpost bravo.

Some one tell me when "repeal "Condemn NAZI Europe"" is up for vote again, then tell me when "Condemn NAZI Europe" is up at vote for the 100th time.

Scarsaw outpost bravo

Sorry around that, forgot I posted late yesterday. instead of my usual afternoon times.

Over rated rationality

Now you can delete your own post.

No more excuses for a triple post oopsie. Like my iPhone, cat, hamster, or buggy Internet connection did it.

6 more nations till 5,000!

Animal house recruiter

Cheap Trick. Good band.
~ Bluto


Down to 4,939 nations again. Maybe we need a new feature that prevents nations from leaving. like the Great Wall of China, just the other way around, or like the Berlin Wall.
If the people don't see how good they have it here in Lazarus maybe they need to be shown. ;)


Regional Elections are currently underway on the forum!

Stop on by and take part!!

yes yes please stop by! Delegate elections are also ongoing! :)

Post by Mujik suppressed by Feux.

Join The Symposium today! We're just trying to build up a nice little place, for occasional light discussion and friendly bantering. Basically, just a community. :) We hope to see you there!

Post by The use tourism agency suppressed by Feux.

The use tourism agency

The United States of Europe, because we need the publicity ;)

Looking fora nice 30ish nations region

Oh i am looking for a rp region with elections and such.

Post self-deleted by Vitsiland.

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