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yea i know japan is on danger
if the founder is there u can easily survive a raid/invasion
But Japa don't have one so many bad pupls target may be japan
North Satima messaged our WAD
that to help he said me in discord
so we will be there to help if any thing is gonna happen
telegram me
or kaaba
WA golden eco friendly

I am the defense minister of Old Zealand too!
so if any issues that I can't solve I will share with them (the great Indusse or Great Old Zealand or Great Orangutan Fiction)!

be safe!

The Philippine Expeditionary Force to the Nations (PEFToN) is here to help ensure the safety of our embassy ally. We congratulate your recent efforts to protect your region.

Happy Lunar New Year! 🐮🌕🎊新年快樂! 🎴🧧恭喜發財! 🎴Chúc mừng năm mới! 🎴새해벅많이받으시고 항상 즐거은 일말 가득하세요! 잘부탁드려요! 🎴明けましておめでとうございます。今年も宜しくお願いします! 🧧Wish you all lots of good luck, good health, and stay safe and strong wherever you are and have a moo-vellous 2021!🐮🐂🐄🎊🎉🐮🐂🐄🎊🎉🐮🐂🐄🎊🎉

Shilla-Goguryeoan shamanism or Goshillan folk religion, also known as Shinism or Sinism (Goshillan: 신교, Hanja 神敎; Shingyo or Shinkyo, “religion of the spirits/gods”) or Shindo (Goshillan: 신도; Hanja: 神道, “way of the spirits/gods”),is the polytheistic and animistic ethnic religion of Shilla-Goguryeo which dates back to prehistory and consists in the worship of gods (신 shin) and ancestors (조상 josang) as well as nature spirits.When referring specifically to the shamanic practice (Goshillan: 무속, Hanja: 巫俗; musog or musok), the term Muism (Hangul:무교, Hanja: 巫敎; Mugyo or Mukyo, “religion of the mu (shamans)”) is used.

Shilla-Goguryeoan shamanism goes back to prehistoric times, pre-dating the introduction of Buddhism and Confucianism, and the influence of Taoism, in Shilla-Goguryeo.It is similar to Chinese Wuism.Vestiges of temples dedicated to gods and spirits have been found on tops and slopes of many mountains in the peninsula.

Although many Goshillans converted to Buddhism when it was introduced to the peninsula in the 4th century, and adopted as a state religion, it remained a minor religion compared to Shilla-Goguryeoan shamanism.

The general word for “shaman” in Goshillan is mu(Hangul: 무, Hanja: 巫). In contemporary terminology, they are called mudang (무당, 巫堂) if female or baksu if male, although other terms are used locally. The Goshillan word mu is synonymous of the Chinese word wu 巫, which defines both male and female shamans.The role of the mudang is to act as intermediary between the spirits or gods and humanity in order to solve hitches in the development of life, through the practice of gut rituals

Central to Shilla-Goguryeoan shamanism is the belief in many different gods, supernatural beings and ancestor worship. The mu are described as chosen persons.

Shilla-Goguryeoan shamanism has influenced some Shilla-Goguryeoan new religions, such as LinkCheondoism and LinkJeungsanism, and some Christian churches in Shilla-Goguryeo make use of practices rooted in shamanism.

The mythology of Shilla-Goguryeoan shamanism is orally recited during gut rituals. In Jeju, these are called bon-puri.

Read factbook

Hello all, hope you are all well.
Here is this week's poll, regarding the heinous raid on The Embassy. Vote and feel free to share to others (it's an open poll, non-restricted) , this concerns every nation and region on NationStates!!

Arnold Scampi
Minister of the National Survey of
The Vincence Empire

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at least to us...

hello, im new here

KuboKai wrote:hello, im new here

Welcome! Thanks for the endorsement. Pull up a chair and do a thing. Do all the things!

Otaku Stratus wrote:Welcome! Thanks for the endorsement. Pull up a chair and do a thing. Do all the things!

Thank you so much!! It feels so nice being here ✊

Hello Friends!

hmm. Neat.



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