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Koobland wrote:Hi guys!

I'd love to get the region going again - but I gotta ask. Is anyone left to do it with me?

I'm here...

Presidential poll is up.

Also notice, I'm probably going to be logging off for good due to new commitments. I'll be back to make Koobland President when the poll finishes up. It was fun and thank you for being here. I hope the region thrives under Koobland and whoever stays. :)

The British Lions - will be the Vice President (with oversight for recruitment)

Hi all! If anyone would like to get more involved - please let me know

Involved how?

Arnaoutia wrote:Involved how?

However you would like. The VP and me are starting a recruitment drive - we'll be sending 20 telegrams a week

You could join us?


..Well, this is odd.

Anyone alive?

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