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Klesh speaks!

They must havechanged the code to this ranking. I as in the Top 50 last time around.

Klesh has spoken!

Post by Yuminokovic suppressed by a moderator.

11th, 44th, 45th, 59th & 129th in the world for Most Rebellious Youth. I like it! I do need a new car stereo now though.

Still in the Top 100 for Fastest Growing Economies even with all my green initiatives. Sweet!

Klesh speaks!

WA Endorsements?

Easily the stupidest ranking ever created. That is the new ranking they decided to declare? Obviously a blatant attempt to gain more WA members.

Klesh has spoken!

Nice looking badge though. Congrats to Jahio for getting in the Top 10% of the ranking and kudos to Serious Breakfast for being his/her sole endorsement.

Fourteen? I'm slipping!

Hmm...other than Grandma-Man I think I'm tops in Most Beautiful Environments of all the major economic powers (top 1%).

I take pride in sustaining a vibrant environment with a stellar economy.


Tlectalem is a new budding nation. We come in peace and have chosen to join your region. Please don't be afraid of the fact that we are a dictatorship, because our government will change again as we grow.

Thank you.

Klesh speaks!

Dictatorships are all the rage these days.

Klesh has spoken!

Welcome. Plenty of dictatorships here so no worries.

Yes, you can find governments of all types here.

Agressive borders

Hey! Any world assembly members here?

Not really, Agressive Borders. We are known more for apathy (if we are known at all), or for kicking ass and not really caring about taking names, or for anything else for that matter. lol

Well, maybe that's just me.

Agressive borders

Hey, I can live with that.

I keep missin stuff D:

Nah, you didn't miss all that much.

Looks like this region never saw an Industry it didn't want to subsidize.

Sup. And I'm a WA member for Aggressive's info.


Funny TG of the year:

The StrongHold of Violent SSU (4 hours ago)

Abort constructing embassies between The Axis of Evil or i'll send my army after you and if you abort embassies with the axis of evil you will not mention a word about me telling you this.

Always surprising I score in top 400 for longest lifespans. Zero health care, welfare and social equity. I guess those education subsidies really pay off.

wow, embassies, that's new...

Klesh speaks!

Yes. Did you notice the tags too?

Klesh has spoken!

Nice job Purgisland in getting top 250 ranking & grate to Ebatica for a top 1000 ranking.

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