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I put up a regional flag.

You better like it or else....you won't.

Klesh speaks!

Who's winning now? Huh? Punk.

Klesh has spoken!

Heh. Just glancing over some old posts and came across a discussion way back when the UN issued a ceaseand desist order for using their copyrighted info in this game. Then I came across a postfron one, A. Hoight, listing all the nations not in the current real UN. Of course he failed to recognize the only real nation not a member: Taiwan. Typical. Always get a chuckle when people throw out misinformation with an air of knowing what they are taking about.
He should join the UN in some capacity. He would fit
right in there.

I really like how they place Palestine in their as an observer but not one of the largest economies on the planet. Both in aggregate and per capita. China really runs the show over at the UN, now doesn't it. Pitiful for every UN nation and highly typical of that dysfunctional body.

Just my 2 sense.

Disclaimer: any textual errors ate due entirely to the site's limited phone capacities.

Klesh speaks!

I don't know what the hell you are blabbering about but all I gotta say is, pie charts? I love pie charts!

Give me more pie!

Klesh has spoken!

Welcome Nakigar. I hope you enjoy your stay here, however long that may be.

Klesh speaks!

These shiny badges make such a delightful treat to go along with these delicious pie charts.

Klesh has spoken!

Awww yeahhh buddy, top five, that's waht I'm talkin BOUT.

All good things come to those who wait.

Patience is a virtue.

Perseverance pays.

I got a lot more where those came from.

Congrats Biggzia. Welcome The Crimson Magnate.

So far we have achieved 176 badges. With 26 nations in the region that's 6.8 badges a nation. Way to go!

Klesh speaks!

You are a geek Undivulged Principles.

If I wasn't propping this region up by being ultra cool you would have long since faded into the obscurity you belong. I got the coolest flag. That should be the one flying in the region.

Klesh has spoken!

I wonder if I should use my new suppression powers on Klesh.

*devious grin while rubbing hands*

Klesh speaks!

I am impossible to suppress.

Klesh has spoken!

What are people doing with bunnies that they used that for Lowest Crime Rates?

Klesh speaks!

Having a bunny completely ruins Klesh's image. That and the egg makes it look like I got easter bunnies running around.

Klesh has spoken!

Post self-deleted by Undivulged Principles.

Welcome Gourdopolis, nations of gourds! And Sky Blue Pink!

A new census ranking! Unprecedented!

hey Klesh, looks like those human sacrifices are finally paying off :D

Why no longest life expectancy ranking? I guess they couldn't use the skullbadge then.

Klesh speaks!

I maximize the utility of all my resources. Once their marginal utility drops to where they are no longer cost effective the resource mug be liquidated.

This can be done by burying true citizens who worship Diode. These burial plots also happen to be under large agricultural plantations while those heathens are usually minced up into tasty snacks.

Klesh has spoken!

Who's says having public healthcare leads to longer lifespans? :p

Welcome Monetary Complex!


Just found this game again. Was here awhile ago. Hows it going people?

Welcome back!

Things are well here. Continuing our reign as the most well rounded region pound for pound. Thanks for returning to help do your part in keeping the title in Eladen. :)

Silly April Fools joke this year. They got me though. I find it in poor taste having had that happen to me for real once.

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