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Had to say this very loud

Genshin Impact
Trails of Tianju Valley Quest was an utter retardry and designed by an uppity A--HOLE

Greetings, and may the electricity flow through us all.

Technologically Terrific wrote:Greetings, and may the electricity flow through us all.


Harmonic Empire wrote:Had to say this very loud

Genshin Impact
Trails of Tianju Valley Quest was an utter retardry and designed by an uppity A--HOLE


Greenland in plauge inc hurts, when you play plague it is a plague free, no infection canít get in utopia, when you play cure it dies instantaneously.

No rest between polls! The Holiday poll is in effect boi! >:)


^ Favorite Hot Beverage!

Final delivery!
Sorry folks, but my back and legs are starting to suffer under the weight of all these newspapers as I do the rounds of your RMBs. This will be the last delivery.
You'll still be able to find The NewsStand dispatch on the "best dispatches" screen.
If you prefer to get notifications, subscribe to The Embassy's The Cable newsletter. There's a NewsStand section in that.
If you have a newspaper you want featured in The NewsStand, send a link via telegram to All wild things.

Read all about it!
- The Cable - December 2020
- Layem Times Issue 27
- Labyrinthine Chronicle- November 2020
- The Monthly Tabloid | November Edition
- St Abby Times
- The Rejected Times Brief News III
- The Herald - Issue I
- Layem Times Issue 26
- Layem Times Issue 25
- NS Today -
- Daily Line

Get involved!
- Play Sands casino games
- Place a sports bet

The best poll in NS history in on going.


^ Favorite Winter/Holiday Drink

If you want to join a small and new region that actually listens to you and will give you an officer position join Arivora, a region where everyone of every species lives in peace (besides dwarves and elves of course).

- A message from Tromistion, founder of Arivora

Ocean 300

Hi. I was told I could stay here for a bit =)

Post by Tranzoria suppressed by a moderator.

Black earth

Hello all! I would like to extend an invitation for anyone looking for an active roleplay region to join The Alliance of Sovereign States! It is a new region that I've created, and we have regional government positions to fill. If you are interested in complex geopolitical roleplay, this is the place for you!

Merry Christmas from the BB

drink up!



Masasasaria wrote:Hello


Happy New Year!


Happy new year!!!

This nation is usually used for travelling regions, but I don't feel like travelling much right now, so I'll keep it here for a while just for storage purposes.

There is a special coverage on the Confederacy of Layem Elections.

Nao recruitment

Please join New Atlantic Ocean! A promising region with their own forum! We will have a RP map soon!

On behalf of all nations in Atlantis, we wish you all a Happy, safe and active 2021 and hope that in the coming year our regions will build friendship through our Embassies.

Revois edmar

HIIIII!!!!!! Let me introduce myself...My name is Chairboimadeofwoodfaces6969 and i can do a lot of things like:
i can put cheese on toast, i can do a chair flip on the moon and stuff, i can make stories that is like weird and silly,
i can turn a Macbook to a BigMac and i can watch all of the Star Wars movies in under 9 seconds but no longer than 9 seconds...

and also i am literally a cat who can make stuff...eeeeee

Danielis cool

Booze drop.


Seeing as you have the tag "Recruiter Friendly" I will try to recruit.
I am recruiting for Mirror World, which focuses on RP.
Mirror wold has easy rules, and easy map claiming. There is lots of space on the map, even with over 15 nations. The RP is mainly on discord, and there is always someone online.

Currently, in Mirror World's RP, there is a cold war developing between my nation there and another nation. You have a chance to support either side and tip the scale if it comes to war.
What story will you make with us?

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