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Hello from Mirror World! We are featured by NationStates today! We invite you to settle in our wonderful region with much free land on a real life map! Take a look at it! See you!

P.s- It wasnt me.... Or was it!

Hello! I would like to personally invite everyone to a region where you can make a difference! The Global Union Consortium is an up-and-coming region that has faced recent struggles, but is overcoming adversity to carve its own path in the world.
We feature:

  • Government positions to get you involved

  • A functional legislature where you can shape GUC to your liking

  • Best of all... A futuristic regional roleplay!

    There is something for everyone in Global Union Consortium!
    If you want to create something, instead of simply building on to something, this region is for you!

Hello! How's everyone?

Thunderbolt Legion wrote:Hello! How's everyone?

Doin great! How ab you?

Backtopi wrote:Doin great! How ab you?

Good! Me too!

Hello! Welcome to The common market! Let me introduce myself! I am Itordele The founder of The common market! I made this region for people who are active in roleplay, Collecting international artwork & Just want a place to meet new nations! The common market gives away free Legendary cards just make sure you are active on the RMB! Anyone can win who has an embassy with us! You can also just tell one of the Chiefs of the common market what card you want and when we find it in our puppets it will he gifted too you! (note: You can only ask for 1 card a week if you have an embassy. Regional nations can ask for 2-3 a week.)
I hope you have a wonderful time here at the common market!
Yours truly.
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Join The Seafarers today
There is a lot of government positions open
And uh ill try to make your stay there pleasant

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