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Eighties Republic wrote:Hi.

It's a shame I missed the poll.

People who weren't members of their region c ouldnt vote anyway.

I've been overlooking this region as of late. One of the reasons include IRL stuff and a generally decreasing drive to play this game.
Regardless of this, I haven't forgotten this region. It's stayed up for almost 2 years, and I refuse to give up on it.

*a spring breeze blows in gently~ 🌸As some cherry blossom petals settle on the ground the visitor speaks*

Greetings dear friends and allies, I hope you all had a good weekend!!😄Just dropping by to check in and say hello, hope all the nations and pinocchios* are doing well. We'll be ramping up things in our region soon so don't hesitate to drop by sometime!
Currently our diplomatic survey on Which pie is the most popular in your country? will finish this week so be sure to register your vote by then! 😋
In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy wherever you are! 😷

Warm Regards,

Carl Barks🦆

P.s Pinocchio is Lewisham slang for 'puppets'

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